Welcome to OpenBioprinting.org!


This platform was born with the intention to open to the public information related to the world of research and science, in a language that we can all understand (not only english, but a simple and not too technical one). We want to encourage people working in the field of biomaterials and bioprinting to share, collaborate and  consult.

It is also a repository where we can find DIY projects (with free license) related to laboratory and experimental material. There will be a special section for teachers, where they would find ideas and instructions to perform some small experiments or cheap devices designed that can support their classes.

We have a questions and answers space (Q&A), where everyone can leave ideas or questions that you would like to get an answer to. May be subjects related to 3D printing, bioprinting, biomaterials, basic sciences …

Please leave a comment of your related interest, where are you from, if you know other similar platforms, people who can be interested in collaborate with the project!


Waiting to see you again!

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