Documentation and printable parts available at Github.

Qty Article                                     Notes
1 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor IMPORTANT: check the terminal connector (it must be female, like in the photo.)

Otherwise it would need to be crimped.

2 Smooth rod M8x150 mm IMPORTANT: be careful when cutting them so that they remain threaded or so that  bearings fit (smooth).
1 Threaded rod M4x140 mm
2 Linear bearing LM8UU
1 Radial bearing 624Z
4 Bolt M3x10 mm
1 Lock nut M4
1 Coupling M5 to M4 If not available, M5 to M5 can be adapted or it can be printed.
Pipetting system
Qty File                                                                                 Notes                                                                                                                             
1 Needle without tip/bevel

(variable diameter >1mm)

1 Syringe with luer lock

(20 mL, volume can change )

1 Male Luer-lock to female Luer-lock extension tube

(>30cm – Depends  on printer)

PRINTABLE PARTS (stl files) – Available at GITHUB V2.0
Qty File                                                                               Notes                                                                                                                           
1 (1) motor_support  
1 (2) milano_design_support  
1 (3) push_female_piece  
1 (4) push_male_piece
1 (5) syringe_suport  
1 (6) pivot_strip  
1 (7) syringe_strip

To be printed in Filaflex

or other flexible materials

1 (8) milano_support